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The Timespan Museum and Arts Centre

The Timespan Museum and Arts Centre in Sutherland is running a fundraising campaign called ‘Our Appeal’ a rural endowment project. Timespan was the first Social Enterprise partner with Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), in this area. The organisation’s business planning process with HIE, financial reports, and the results of a report by SKS Scotland in June 2011 clearly evidenced that the annually reducing Local Authority funding, the reliance on arbitrary Trust funding and the business case for development indicate an annual income need for core costs of c.£27,000. While endowment schemes are not a new model they are one which has ...

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust received a one-year HLF Catalyst grant for building organisational capacity for fundraising and eventually increasing the Trust’s financial resilience.

The Causey Development Trust

The Causey Development Trust has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund Catalyst grant to develop a fundraising campaign. The fundraising campaign will support the organisation’s project to transform a neglected, car dominated public space into a vibrant, people-friendly place that celebrates the history and spirit of the Southside of Edinburgh. The transformed urban space will create a distinctive city landmark at the edge of the World Heritage site, create an uplifting and inspiring community space that plays host to a wide variety of arts and community events and act as an exemplar for transforming urban spaces into places for ...

BRICK Workshop in Edinburgh

‘Building Resources, Investment and Community Knowledge’, or BRICK for short, is the Prince’s Regeneration Trust’s national learning and support programme. BRICK is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Catalyst Umbrella grant as is Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage. I attended the programme’s first workshop in Scotland today, hosted by the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust at the Patrick Geddes Centre, Riddle’s Court in Edinburgh. The workshop provided training and advice for individuals and community groups to carry out their own heritage regeneration projects. This particular workshop focused on developing ideas for the reuse of ...

Field Trip to Penicuik House

A field trip to the heart of heritage fundraising by an independent group, the Penicuik House Preservation Trust.