Field Trip to Penicuik House

  • Pam Judson and Louise Trow outside Penicuik House

“Pretty awe-inspiring” is the term used by Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage (RSH) trainer Peter Thierfeldt following our field trip to Penicuik House. Myself, Peter and fellow RSH trainer Pam Judson, all visited the renovation project which is being undertaken by the Penicuik House Preservation Trust as part of our research for the development of the RSH ‘Make it Happen’ and ‘Planning to Progress’ training courses.

The historical building is a sight to behold, and we were lucky enough to have a birds-eye view of the site as we were hoisted up in a crane; complete with hard-hats and harnesses. The preservation and consolidation of the historical house will make the building and surrounding area available for the public to enjoy. A new Training Centre has also been created, providing a purpose built space for training in the use of traditional building materials and techniques.

The Penicuik House Preservation Trust has raised an inspirational amount of money to support the project and is continuing with its fundraising efforts with the opportunity for donations to be made online. Go to for further information.

Our thanks go to the Penicuik House Preservation Trust for allowing us to visit and see their incredible work from a great height!