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Official Launch of Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage

Resourcing Scotland's Heritage was officially launched last night at an evening reception in Edinburgh. The event was attended by heritage groups and organisations who heard speeches from Andrew Fleming, Head of the Historic Environment Unit at the Scottish Government, Colin McLean, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, David Watt, Chief Executive at Arts & Business Scotland and Ea O'Neill, Project Manager at greenspace Scotland. The event, held at the Grassmarket Community Project, marks the official start of the Resourcing Scotland's Heritage programme which begins with four 'Make it Happen' courses in July and August.  Visit the ...

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is currently raising funds for The Botanic Cottage Project which aims to address two key needs; the need to expand RBGE capacity to deliver practical learning programmes to schools and the need for proper facilities to support community engagement programmes.

Glasgow Women’s Library

Unique in Scotland, Glasgow Women's Library is a vibrant accredited museum, learning and information hub housing a lending library, archive collections (including the UK's National Lesbian Archives) and contemporary and historical artefacts relating to women’s lives, histories and achievements.