Fundraising Strategy

Having a fundraising strategy for your heritage group or organisation will help you to remain focussed and to allocate your time to the most effective forms of fundraising for you.

A fundraising strategy is not set in stone; you should regularly evaluate your fundraising practices and successes and update your strategy so that it remains current and useful.

A fundraising strategy includes the following elements:

  • A clear statement of your goals
  • The background and overview of your fundraising, including current donors
  • Where you see the opportunities for growth
  • A plan of how you will get there
  • An income and expenditure budget (remember fundraising costs time and money)

The Penicuik House Preservation Trust had an unusual fundraising strategy, but a very successful one.  Watch the video clip with further information from the chair, including an insight into how to secure an endowment for your project.

The High Mill Project at Verdant Works in Dundee is managed by the Dundee Heritage Trust.  A wide variety of funding has been sought and having a clear fundraising strategy has greatly aided the organisation.  Watch this video clip to learn more.

For more information on what you should include in your fundraising strategy and the tools you can use to develop your plan please download this factsheet.