7 Steps of Fundraising

The 7 steps of fundraising take you through a process of identification, engagement and retainment of your current and prospective funders.  You may be on different stages with different funders and prospects at any one time.  Going through the process will help you to keep on track with all of your fundraising activities.  Click here to view a breakdown of the 7 steps.

Watch the Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage 7 steps of fundraising animation for further information

One area we often find challenging is actually asking for money but this is a crucial stage in the process.  Here are some questions to ask yourself before making the ask.

One of the key stages in the 7 steps of fundraising is saying thank you.  Always remember to say thank you for donations and support and plan carefully how you will do this and who will be involved.  You can find more ideas on how to thank here.